Thursday, September 20, 2007

We love the beach

After NYC we were delighted to reunite with Danielle and her kids at Jim's parents' beach house in Ocean Grove. It was a lovely house with plenty of room for all of us and lots of toys for the kids. You could tell that Jim's folks were experienced grandparents!

And of course we had experienced nothing but hot weather the entire trip--until we got to the beach. Our first day was quite blustery but that didn't slow the kids down at all. Over the next two days we enjoyed wonderful food, great company, delicious wine, and a gradually warming beach (I hear it got quite warm the day after we left). I think the photos say it better than I can:


Alan Post said...

that sand castle, lock, stream, *costruction* looks amazing. was that something preexisting, or was it dug out by hand?

Jenny said...

No, it was there when we arrived. What I don't show in the photos was the excavator and construction fencing that was just on the other side. That channel there was coming from a nearby lake which they had, intentionally or not, tapped into and caused it to run into the ocean. The second day it was sealed off.

Danielle said...

Love the photos! That one of Eli is fantastic—man is she gonna be a knock-out.

I believe the overflow is intentional—the idea being that the overflow from the lake will be directed into the ocean via the piping rather than over the roads and boardwalk during a storm.