Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More on the conference

It's been nearly a month since the conference and we are still on the road. I'm finding it hard to get motivated to update my blog but I guess I should get after it. The conference.....Hmm, it's hard to know what to say. The place was beautiful--just stunning. We arrived on Wednesday just before lunch from our overnight in South Carolina. I immediately spotted some of my favorite friends from prior conferences and there was a lot of activity buzzing around the main conference center building. Unfortunately this was too much for Scotty and he began to melt down. Right away we had to get in line for lunch, walk through the cafeteria line, and sit down in a very noisy dining room with hundreds of other attendees. Way too loud and crowded, and the food was really terrible. So this kind of set the tone for much of the rest of the conference. Dan and Scotty were glad to see each other but they also ramped each other up so much that it became impossible for any of the kids or adults to have any down time. On top of this, I was trying to do too much (spend time with my friends, dance in the talent show) which put more of the burden on Chris to take the kids. Beth and Kevin were incredibly helpful and we were so grateful for that, but still it was a much different conference for us than last year.

Still, we did have moments of great fun. Salamandering in the stream was a big hit with Chris and the kids. Singing with Marji, Chris, and Sammy during the music jam was a blast. The dance turned out to be an unexpected highlight. Both Chris and I got to hang out because Scotty was doing pretty well that night. Meeting our new friends from Alabama was great. All in all I'm glad we went, although I'm not so sure about next year.

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Scotty said...

Maybe it's in the name. I can't tolerate loud, crowded, busy, and queueing up in line either. i'm grateful that my closest and dearest understand this about me! i don't like loud yelling when quiet conversing will do. i don't like excited people getting in my face. groups of people (especially those i don't know) geek me out, and i'm forced to make excuses to get the hell out of where ever it is that's causing me distress. weddings/wedding parties? too loud, too busy, too obnoxious.

tell your Scotty that he shares my preference for quiet clarity instead of unfocused chaotic dissaray.

i will attend a conference someday, but i'm afraid i'll end up spending the majority of the time by myself, or in quiet contemplation, among those that i know and trust.