Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Between Nashville and the conference we picked up Chris at the airport in Charlotte and drove down into South Carolina to visit Aunts Frances, Hilda, and Lena as well as Grandma Jean who is visiting from Colorado. Here we are at the lake house, where the kids had a great time. Their favorite part was swimming in the lake briefly before it got too dark. My favorite part was a home cooked Southern meal prepared by Aunt Hilda. After several days of eating on the road it was just glorious!

Here are Frances and Grandma with those of us who were willing to pose for the photo.

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Alan Post said...

i hope your trip is going well!

when you get back, jenny, tristan, myself, and kat want to get together one weekend morning and help you can the contents of your freezer. we've got several work parties scheduled around that time, so the actual weekend is fairly flexible for us.

have fun!