Monday, September 17, 2007

New York City!

Well, sort of.

After the Hagley we drove the next day to Ocean Grove NJ and left our car there with Danielle's in-laws. Then we took a train to NYC to meet up again with Beth and Emma who had already been there a few days.

Here we are outside of Penn Station at Madison Square Garden. Beth and Emma met us here and together we walked the seven blocks to their hotel.

Unfortunately that walk was pretty much all we saw of the city. Scotty was in no mood for sightseeing and we needed to leave the city early the next afternoon so we could avoid rush hour since we were riding back to the beach with Beth in her car.

I did manage to get out to a real NY deli so that night I stayed in the hotel with my guys, a bottle of wine, and great deli food while Beth and Emma went to a broadway show. Here's my spread:

The next morning we visited the same deli for breakfast.

Then we waited a while in the hotel lobby for the car, hopped in, and left. Beth expertly navigated the car through the city, I got claustrophobic in the Holland tunnel, and we got just a glimpse of Lady Liberty on our way out of town. That, my friends, was my one and only ever visit to NYC.

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Alan Post said...

i've done the five boro bike tour in new york, which was 30,000 cyclists. that was so many cyclists that it was very crowded, but when else are you going to get to ride unhindered on the streets of new york!

aside from tasting food, i'd say the only thing you missed about new york was central park. i've walked around in a lot of central park and found it a real treat.

hope you enjoyed it!