Saturday, September 29, 2007

A time to rest

Every time we visit my dad in Wisconsin it is restful and easy, but this time we really needed it! A lovely house in a small town with pretty gardens, a great view, and everything we need awaited us after weeks on the road.

And the company was pretty great too! Dad and Ann really make an effort to relate to us, unconventional as we are, and they welcome us without judgment. Sometimes I forget how lucky we are that our parents support our very non-mainstream choices, but then I see the struggles that some of my friends have with their parents and I am reminded. We are so lucky that Dad and Ann, Mom, Marilyn and Barry, and Scott and Maria give us so much support and love as we head down our path! We know that you may not agree with everything we do, but your support is there nonetheless. It means so much to us.

Dad in fact is so pleased with what we are doing that he invited a bunch of his friends over to meet me and the kids! What a lovely evening that was.

All this despite the crazy road construction on their street. I hope you have pavement soon! Thanks for a great visit--it was just what we needed.


Anonymous said...

Great narrative and pictures Jen. I especially loved the 2005/2007 shots of Scotty with the gears. How he has grown! Your narrative made me want to go back to Chicago for a visit. And tell Eli I thought her writing was very good on her picture. My favorite museum in Chicago is the Art Institute. And I'd love to visit Columbia College again. They have a great video about the history of the college (narrated by Bill Curtis, a Columbia alum) that I found on their site this week. So glad your Wisconsin visit was such a retreat.


Alan Post said...

that last picture looks like eldorado (a sleeper community outside of santa fe) does when there isn't any construction. :)

Angie said...

Hi Jen. What part of Wisconsin? We are from Northern Wisconsin. Great time of year to visit, huh? You probably saw some great foliage along the way.

Have a great day.