Sunday, September 16, 2007

I have touched the earth!

For several years I have been inspired and awed by my friend Danielle and her family at Touch the Earth Farm in Maryland. On this trip I finally had a chance to see them in action! After Raleigh we drove to the farm, taking a lovely route through Richmond and avoiding the DC area. We had originally planned to see DC but we were beginning a post-conference cold and still dealing with overwhelm so we skipped it.

We arrived at the farm and the first thing I did was to get out of the car and touch the earth. Danielle thought I was making fun of her, but the truth is that I did it with the utmost reverence for a place and a family that have been such a source of inspiration for so many. Soon I had a cold beer and a vine ripened tomato and was giddy with happiness. The kids all settled in with each other pretty well too and my gang was thrilled with everything the farm and house had to offer. Beth and Emma joined us later that evening and we had a great time catching up after separating after the conference.

Here are some photos that Danielle's daughter Emily took with my camera while we were touring the farm.

Scotty was in poultry heaven and took great comfort in visiting with the chicks, chickens, and turkeys. He and Sam generally got along very well.

I think we might be getting some turkeys soon--the boy really loved them.

Lovely Tamworth pigs. Also on our list for possible additions to our farm.

Although there were some rough spots with the boys, for the most part everyone had a fantastic time. There's nothing like a half dozen homeschooled kids doing their thing!

Thanks so much to Danielle, Jim, and the kids for giving us one of the absolute highlights of our trip, some great company, and incredibly delicious farm food.


Madeline said...

Oooo. Looks so much fun! I am sure that was a much needed stop on your journey.

Danielle said...

Man, I wish you guys lived down the road from us. We had so much fun having you here; it was such a special time, and we're so grateful to have shared our farm with such wonderful people.

I never did get my sustainability consult, though, come to think of it. Oh, yeah, the whole power thing...I'm still working on that one. Any other suggestions would be incredibly welcome, too though. *g*