Sunday, September 02, 2007

We're in Nashville!

We left last Thursday for our leisurely drive to the Live and Learn Conference in Asheville, NC. We have been traveling with Beth and Emma until today. Stops thus far have included Amarillo, TX, Seminole, OK, and Little Rock/Conway AR. In Amarillo we stopped at Cadillac Ranch and visited the Children's Museum. In Seminole we visited yet another children's museum. In Little Rock we stopped briefly at the farmer's market at the river, where I was disappointed to find that they were selling produce shipped from California! Then we stopped at the Peabody Hotel where we saw the famous Peabody ducks who start each day by riding down the elevator to the lobby fountain and end the day with a ride back up, waddling the red carpet each way. After the ducks we backtracked to Conway, where we had an offer from another homeschooler, Kim, and her family to stay with them in their beautiful home. What a fun time we had!

There are too many photos to upload so I put it into a slide show which will hopefully work here:

Like the music? That's my darling husband playing.

And since the quality in that video is pretty low, I'll put a few of my favorite photos up:

I set the trip odometer to zero as we passed the school by our house where the kids would attend if they went to school. As we passed, the children were being dropped off, weighed down by heavy backpacks. We waved them goodbye as we began our month long journey of learning our own way. We are somewhere between 1300 and 1400 miles from that school now as day four comes to a close. You can see some of the experiences we've had in the photos, but what you don't see is all the amazing conversations we have had! Some of the topics that we have discussed are:

energy: different forms, how it's used, nuclear, solar, fossil fuels, pollution

war: Iraq war, world wars, civil wars

inventors: Archimedes, DaVinci, Franklin

The concept of infinity: how lines are infinite and so are numbers. This arose from a question from Scotty who wanted to know if there were particles smaller than an atom.

Evolution--stemming from Scotty noticing that the chickens in the movie Chicken Run have teeth.

Gravity and other forces (hydrogen bonding, magnetism)

Voting--why people vote and how our state sends representatives to Washington DC

We have noticed the landscape change as we travel Eastward. We have crossed big rivers, including the Mississippi. We have met new friends and spent time with close friends. Eliza just this evening has learned to use her arms in swimming, doing a 4yo version of the freestyle stroke. She has been practicing her singing as well, asking to hear her favorite album over and over so she can learn the songs. She's also learned how to walk in flip-flops.

Me, I've learned how to create a slide show on my new Mac!



Sylvia said...

Looks like great fun! Thanks for the pix and post.

We've just about got Dan's bag fully packed and every day when he wakes up his first question is "how many more days until I go to North Carolina?"

See you in pictures 'til next month!

Love ya all,


Sylvia said...

Hey Jen,

I wasn't able to get the slideshow to play -- it just said 'loading' for several minutes. I tried it at youtube, but had the same problem.


Jenny said...

Hmmm, the video works for me. Anyone else having trouble?

Mik & Mac said...


The slideshow worked for me and it was great! I loved Chris' music too!!! I wish we could be here when you visit, but maybe in December we'll be able to catch up with you guys and see everyone! We love you all and have a fabulous time!

Love, Mik & Mac

Teresa said...

The slideshow worked fine for me. It was beautiful! Thanks for sharing. That's too strange about the farmers market selling CA produce. Keep the posts comin'!

Wishing we could be there.,

~Crystal~DaikiniCrossroads said...

Video works for me and is FABULOUS! My favorite picture out of the ones posted was of Eliza huggin Scotty as they slept..LOVE IT! Looks like great times and great memories. We'll keep watching for more. OHHH, and love Chris's music!

Tina In NM said...

Hi Jenny, so jealous you are in Nashvile!~ Love your pictures, the kids look so happy. The blonde is becoming as well...... have a safe trip and have so much fun........the slide show worked for me

Jessica said...

I loved the round table at the Live and Learn and am so happy to find your blog!
I guess you all are still travelling, but we are home, and that discussion of balancing being environmentally friendly and having free children was one we carried on all the way home and even here now.
Thank you SO MUCH!