Friday, September 21, 2007

Forging ahead

Despite our great time at the beach, there continued to be circumstances that led us to believe that it would be better to part ways with Beth and Emma for a while. The gals headed North for Vermont while we headed Northwest for New York State. First we stopped in Philadelphia to visit the Franklin Institute. No, we didn't see the King Tut exhibit, but we did find fun things for both kids there.


Alan Post said...

when i saw the picture of climbing in a skirt, my first thought was that it looked really hard... but my own experience with loose clothing and climbing is that so long as you avoid it binding your knees it actually works quite well.

how far up did she get?

Jenny said...

Not much further than that. But at another wall she made it up about six feet!

Alan Post said...

six feet begins to be enough to worry about having padding on the floor!