Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday Party at Ironwood Farm

This past Saturday, the annual spring party, for Chris' and Scotty's birthday was held.  As always, a wonderful time was had by all. 

 There was delicious food 

A farm-style slip-n-slide

with a pool at the bottom, 

wagon rides with Scotty driving the tractor

Eliza with a red-sided garter snake found at the farm, and later released.


bucket rides into the mine shaft

with Scotty operating the hoist

water play in the sand pit

rides on the dirt bike

hanging out in the garage

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Road Building

For years, we've needed a road between the houses at Ironwood Farm.  We're putting in a road now. 

 Through the boneyard
 Moving the boiler out of the way

The road is finished. 


Early May on the Farm

Baby lambs

New laying hen chicks.....

Kids swimming in the stock pool

In the greenhouse....

Corn knee-high by the first of May .....

bunching onions....


More Bees

Recently we had a swarm of bees on a peach tree here at the farm. 
I decided to lop off the whole branch and put the bees into an empty hive.

Here it is after I cut the branch from the tree.

After I cut the branch I carefully lowered the whole thing into the hive.

I left the hive there for the rest of the day so that any remaining bees could find their way inside, then moved it over to our place that evening. The next day I pulled out the rest of the branch and let them make themselves at home.