Thursday, January 25, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Rue in a game of blogosphere tag.

I'm supposed to list 6 wierd things about me and then tag 6 people. I won't be tagging Crystal because I noticed she's already been tagged twice!

If you get tagged and want to play, make your list and be sure to show who you tag at the bottom.

Here they are:
1. I drink my iced tea plain. Unless I have a straw, in which case I have to pour in about 5 packets of sugar so I can suck the little sugar granules up off the bottom of the glass. If I don't have a straw, I can't stand to drink it with sugar.

2. My maiden name is Yocom.

3. I love the show America's Next Top Model.

4. I love the smell of stinky toddler feet, but I hate adult feet.

5. I have synesthesia.

6. I have stood in the body cavity of a dead elephant.

I'm tagging Sylvia, Mik&Mac, Laureen , Cheryl, Robin, and Christy

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Speaking of saying yes....

We were painting a primer coat on a cave diorama when Eliza decided she'd love to paint herself white.

Because of cloudy skies we were low on water so I had to give her a bath in the kitchen sink with water heated on the wood stove.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lamb number two!

Yesterday morning Chris went out to tend to the sheep and sleepily said "hello Sammy" to the little black lamb in the pen before he realized that Sammy was missing his white head and tail. It was a new lamb!

Here is the new little guy, another ram lamb, who the kids have named Pepper.

Mom and baby getting to know each other.

Sammy the Lamby is now 11 days old and has at least doubled in weight.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saying yes

We are repeatedly rewarded by my efforts to say "yes" more. It's so easy to reflexively say "no" to the kids, often without any good reason other than "it's just not what we do." Eliza often enjoys helping me with the dishes, and when I'm in a hurry (most of the time) my first reaction is to say no because I feel that I can do them faster and better by myself. But I try to swallow that no and replace it with a yes, and the happiness it brings her is really evident.

The other day I had already said yes to dishes and the two of us had a fun time listening to the Children's Hour on KUNM, dancing and scrubbing away. When we were nearly done she found a piece of blue sidewalk chalk near the sink and really wanted to get it wet (we don't do that) and use it to draw on the sink (we really don't do that). The little voices inside my head wanted to resist but again I swallowed the "no" and silently let her give it a try. She was so thrilled! Then I figured that I should get in on the fun so I wrote out her name. She was able to read it by herself! Then she read Scotty's name and the word Mommy by herself. She needed a little help with Daddy but she was so happy and proud and I think a little surprised that I was helping her mark up the sink with blue chalk.

When we were done the chalk washed up easily and I asked myself why I ever thought about saying no to a child's harmless pleasure.

By the way, Mik do you recognize the bottle of Palmolive that you left at the little house?

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well we found out today that our ram is indeed fertile and capable. We hadn't been sure because we never saw him breed the ewes and we also weren't sure when the ewes came into heat. Turns out it was about five months ago!

Our first lamb born on the farm is a little boy and the kids have named him Sammy the Lamby. He looks just like his mother and he is doing fine and nursing well. We are a bit concerned about him out there in the cold--it's going to hit single digits tonight again--but the experts have told us that if he is dry and nursing he should be OK with his mom. I guess we'll see in the morning. We've already been out there to check on him several times and he seems fine.

Due to all the melting snow the sheep corral needed to be mucked out today. Scotty pitched in with gusto and worked hard for about an hour.

The rest of the sheep were relegated to the snowy field while we tended to mom and baby and cleaned up. They were quite unhappy about it. We now expect our other older ewe to lamb soon too. It's so hard to tell when they have such full fleeces.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make our Christmas a great one. We have been putting your gifts to good use around the house this week. It's also been fun for the kids to receive the packages that are straggling in because of the shipping delays due to all the freaky weather.

A selection of Christmas fun:

New Year's Day

The homeschooling tribe spent New Year's Day at Crystal, Dave, and Sorscha's beautiful home. It was our first time making the 45 minute trek out there and the kids really loved seeing Sorscha's place and all her toys and pets. It was a challenge getting the Golf out of our 1000 foot snowed-in driveway but we made it!

Sorscha and Eliza had their ups and downs but overall got along well. Sorscha was amazingly generous with her toys and for the most part patient with Eliza (who really thinks Sorscha is way cool).

Scotty had fun "training" little Abalis.

The kids all braved the cold while we adults cowered indoors.

Gary helping Eliza and Dan with one of Sorscha's ferrets.

By the end of the evening everyone was getting a little wound up and much crazy dancing ensued.

Thanks Crystal and family for a great time!

Record snow

Last week we had yet another big storm. In just two days there was a new record set for ANNUAL snowfall for our city. Earlier this season Scotty repeatedly wished for a LOT of snow this winter and he sure got it! Now he says it's too much. We are all getting a little tired of it, mostly because of cabin fever. We've been playing games and doing a lot of baking and such but we have only been out once since the storm started last Friday. All told we had over 18" over the two days.

On the farm here this means that we have some extra worries with regard to the animals. The chickens are unable or unwilling to tromp through the snow so Chris shoveled them some paths to get to the food and water we set out for them near the house where our large eaves left a strip of dry ground. They have been hanging out right by the house every day since the snow. Amazingly they are still laying plenty of eggs in the little straw nesting house that Chris made.

The kids wanted a snow fort so we bundled up on the second day of the storm to go make one. Unfortunately without proper snow clothes they got cold right away and went inside after 10 minutes, leaving me outside to finish it. One of them picked up the camera while I was out there and snapped this photo of me working on it.

Today the snow finally started to melt a bit but we are expecting another storm tomorrow! We took the baby junglefowl out today and we all got some much needed fresh air.