Thursday, January 04, 2007

Record snow

Last week we had yet another big storm. In just two days there was a new record set for ANNUAL snowfall for our city. Earlier this season Scotty repeatedly wished for a LOT of snow this winter and he sure got it! Now he says it's too much. We are all getting a little tired of it, mostly because of cabin fever. We've been playing games and doing a lot of baking and such but we have only been out once since the storm started last Friday. All told we had over 18" over the two days.

On the farm here this means that we have some extra worries with regard to the animals. The chickens are unable or unwilling to tromp through the snow so Chris shoveled them some paths to get to the food and water we set out for them near the house where our large eaves left a strip of dry ground. They have been hanging out right by the house every day since the snow. Amazingly they are still laying plenty of eggs in the little straw nesting house that Chris made.

The kids wanted a snow fort so we bundled up on the second day of the storm to go make one. Unfortunately without proper snow clothes they got cold right away and went inside after 10 minutes, leaving me outside to finish it. One of them picked up the camera while I was out there and snapped this photo of me working on it.

Today the snow finally started to melt a bit but we are expecting another storm tomorrow! We took the baby junglefowl out today and we all got some much needed fresh air.


Mik & Mac said...

oh, the snow is sooo beautiful there!! Looks like the kids have been having lots of fun despite getting cold! I'm going to try and get some video posted of the boy soon!

DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

I LOVE the chicken line!!!!