Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saying yes

We are repeatedly rewarded by my efforts to say "yes" more. It's so easy to reflexively say "no" to the kids, often without any good reason other than "it's just not what we do." Eliza often enjoys helping me with the dishes, and when I'm in a hurry (most of the time) my first reaction is to say no because I feel that I can do them faster and better by myself. But I try to swallow that no and replace it with a yes, and the happiness it brings her is really evident.

The other day I had already said yes to dishes and the two of us had a fun time listening to the Children's Hour on KUNM, dancing and scrubbing away. When we were nearly done she found a piece of blue sidewalk chalk near the sink and really wanted to get it wet (we don't do that) and use it to draw on the sink (we really don't do that). The little voices inside my head wanted to resist but again I swallowed the "no" and silently let her give it a try. She was so thrilled! Then I figured that I should get in on the fun so I wrote out her name. She was able to read it by herself! Then she read Scotty's name and the word Mommy by herself. She needed a little help with Daddy but she was so happy and proud and I think a little surprised that I was helping her mark up the sink with blue chalk.

When we were done the chalk washed up easily and I asked myself why I ever thought about saying no to a child's harmless pleasure.

By the way, Mik do you recognize the bottle of Palmolive that you left at the little house?


Mik & Mac said...

Aha! Thats where that bottle was! Just kidding, I realized when I got here and needed to clean that I left all my cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink!! Oh well! You guys just keep adding to your family down there! the lambs are totally cute! I will be shipping Scotty's gift tomorrow if I can get my act together in the morning and go get one of the Dunk cars. :o)

DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

Sorscha's favorite!!!!! Remember the park day???? Ohhhh the colors are just so beautiful when they are wet. Kudos for YES!!!!!