Monday, March 03, 2008

Farm help continues

I keep forgetting to get the camera out on our farm work days! So much has been accomplished in the 5 weeks we have been doing this, and we have met some great people as well as had the pleasure of spending more time with old friends. We have planted a large plot of peas, several smaller plots of lettuce, spinach, beets, carrots, radishes, gourmet greens, and wildflowers, and a plot of jerusalem artichokes. We have installed several hundred feet of fencing and worked over the tree land. We also finished the shop floor and are now in the process of oiling it.

I do have some snaps of some of the homeschooling moms taking no mercy on some trees that required some serious thinning and pruning.

As usual, the kids pitched in with gusto.

The animals help decorate

Yesterday as I was sweeping the floor I decided to change my perspective on the constant mess a bit. I thought about how it is a chic architectural trend to "blur the lines between indoors and outdoors" and I realized that we are on the cutting edge of trendy home decor. There are some days when the floor inside is nearly indistinguishable from the ground outside! We're so cool.

Case in point: The livestock have been spending some time indoors lately (helping with the decor of course). Martha Stewart is so last year.......

Saturday, March 01, 2008

So satisfying

One of the most satisfying crops I have grown so far is onions. Last January I started onion seeds indoors and planted the delicate little grass-like babies outside in March. I was just sure they would die, they were so small and fragile looking. But instead they grew and grew and yielded a beautiful crop of big, flavorful onions! Not only that, they have stored exceptionally well and I am still using them. I also like them because they aren't bothered by anything, at least around here, so they don't have the blemishes and bite marks that you sometimes get when growing organic vegetables. It is just such a pleasure to cut into one!

So this year I started more than twice as many. Behold the mighty onion!