Saturday, March 01, 2008

So satisfying

One of the most satisfying crops I have grown so far is onions. Last January I started onion seeds indoors and planted the delicate little grass-like babies outside in March. I was just sure they would die, they were so small and fragile looking. But instead they grew and grew and yielded a beautiful crop of big, flavorful onions! Not only that, they have stored exceptionally well and I am still using them. I also like them because they aren't bothered by anything, at least around here, so they don't have the blemishes and bite marks that you sometimes get when growing organic vegetables. It is just such a pleasure to cut into one!

So this year I started more than twice as many. Behold the mighty onion!

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Ooh, what a fantabulous shot! Do tell what variety.

I sooo need to start my onions, but I've been held back by the thought of planting just a few in each seed pocket. I like the way you've started them in a big flat. It seems ever so much more doable! I have some heavy duty sprout tops with air holes in them that would do very well as drainage holes.