Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beautiful drive and an oasis

We enjoyed two days of beautiful scenery as we made our way from PA to Buffalo, NY. We stayed overnight in Corning, the home town of our dear friend Kevin, who says it's a nice place to visit but we wouldn't want to live there. I'm glad he warned us, because the countryside was just gorgeous and I could have seen myself dreamily moving there in September only to find myself socked in during a terrible winter with like-minded folks few and far between.

Anyway, on the second day we pulled off the highway for fuel and stumbled upon a beautiful little farm stand in Geneseo, NY. I was in heaven! It is so hard to be used to eating real, fresh, flavorful food grown without chemicals and then switch to eating on the road. Aside from Danielle's food we had been eating pretty poorly so this farm was a true oasis. They picked some peaches and heirloom tomatoes for us on the spot and each of the kids chose a pumpkin to take to Wisconsin. Plus, their display was beautiful!


homemoma said...

i love pumpkins. it is such a shame that we dont have so many varieties here and no holiday to use them.

seems as your trip is a lot of fun

homemoma said...

what a great trip you guys are having. and those pumpkins...awwww. i wish we had so many varieties here and some sort of holiday to use them.

homemoma said...

ups, seems as the first comment i made, did arrive. my computer showed that it got lost. weird. feel free to delete one