Monday, September 10, 2007

Just photos for now

Here's a slideshow of our time at Live and Learn. It was a whirlwind of fun and difficulties. More on that later when I get some time.


ps pirro said...

Awww... I didn't even get to meet your or your family at the conference and I was still all choked up by this slide show! Thank you.

Peggy, mom to Jona
residents of Abbott Hall for one sweet week in Sept. 2007

Sylvia said...

I love the pictures. I want the ones of Dan! Save them for me til you get home!

Looks like you had a great time in spite of any difficulties.

Madeline said...

Jenny, I loved this! Thanks for sharing it.

Ren said...

Dang! It makes me miss you all even more. Live and Learn is the happiest place on earth.:)

Thanks for sharing this Jen!

~Crystal~DaikiniCrossroads said...

Beautiful my friend. We miss ya'll back here in Albuquerque!

super said...

ooh, nice job! I wish I knew how to make something like that.

Laura said...

Mesa loved being able to see Eliza again.... even just in pictures :)

Thank you for sharing those awesome photos. And thanks for the rides!

Laura, Olivia, Mesa, & Levi
(from upstairs at the Family Lodge II)

Anonymous said...

Jen, just had a chance to really look at the video. It looks like you and the kids and everyone there had a great time. Maybe we can talk soon since our conversation today got cut short. Dying to hear about the trip so far, and you won't be home yet for some time! Hawaii was fabulous! Could not have asked for more, except more sun, but the rain felt good, smelled sweet, and made everything there so gorgeous who could complain!
Love to all,