Sunday, September 23, 2007


We hit Buffalo late in the afternoon and immediately went to see the falls. We took the Maid of the Mist boat ride for an amazing view of both the American and the Canadian falls.

I don't get people--everyone put on their blue plastic raingear while still waiting in line, at least ten minutes before the boat had even arrived at the dock. The sun was beating down on us and it was HOT inside those ponchos. The kids and I were the only ones who waited until we were actually on the boat and near the mist to don our ponchos. Here's the line of Smurfs:

There's Canada!

Scotty checking out the engine.

The falls were amazing.

Scotty spent a good amount of time under my blue poncho.

The American falls from land.


Alan Post said...

the last time i was at niagara falls, i was far too young to actually remember the experience.

you got some fantastic photos!

Anonymous said...

Jen, the pictures and narrative are wonderful! I have a real sense of your trip, and it brings back memories of our trips when you were young. I know everything was not fun with two children, but the sights and people always make every journey wonderful. The beach scenes look so East Coast Avalon-like. The pumpkins remind me of New England and glorious autumn leaves. And I'll bet you are using the new camera. You are quite a photographer! Beautiful!


Kevin said...

I have to pee just looking at this picture. I went to college near the falls, and in the late 1980's, conveniences like bathrooms were not available in the wee hours when I visited the falls. Of course, I usually had a full bladder for some reason or another, and I never once found a bathroom when I needed it.

One look, and Niagara Falls. I have to see a man about a horse.