Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who needs a pool?

Well, if you don't mind freezing water that is. Last month the kids just couldn't resist a dip in our large fish culture tank, which has been full now for a couple of months. We will be growing several hundred pounds of fish in here this year, using natural cycling of nutrients, phytoplankton, zooplankton, and small feeder fish as food. So in a sense this will be "grass fed" or at least plant fed fish, as opposed to most tank farmed fish which is fed a grain based pellet, usually heavy on the soy.

But for now it's just a fun place to swim! Keep in mind that at the time these photos were taken we were still freezing every night so that water must have been in the 50's. That didn't stop Sorscha and my two from having a blast.

I love the shot with the cow in the background.

Sorscha stayed in for around 45 minutes, but mine got cold a bit sooner than that. Eli was pretty chilly when she got out (yes I put a swimsuit on her for the photos).

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~Crystal~ said...

Hey, I'm just seeing this ~ VERY COOL! How come my kid looks so much older now???? TOO Fast! TOO Fast!