Thursday, May 15, 2008


Our soil is very heavy clay so it is difficult to grow potatoes and other root crops here without major modifications. This year we are trying something new in order to be able to plant more potatoes. Under about 18 inches of clay there is a layer of nice sand, so Chris dug the clay layer off with the tractor and then tilled up the sand, to which we added a bunch of compost. Because the row is dug in, we will be able to fill it in a bit as the plants grow. Friends Sue and Crystal both came down to help plant--we got about 60 pounds of seed potatoes into this row. We still have another 20 pounds to plant but haven't had the time to dig another bed.

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~Crystal~ said...

Wasn't that the hottest day ever?! AND it's not even summer yet!

Personally, I prefer the margarita, tomato planting evening!