Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sheep last month

We had another late lamb born and we really thought that this guy wasn't going to make it. He was so droopy-eared and seemed weak and the mom is a first time mom and she was not terribly attentive. That was also during the period that every living thing on the farm here (including the humans) were really struggling with the hot, dry, and windy days and below freezing nights. But against all odds he pulled through and he's growing like a weed now!

We also purchased a car port to use as a portable shelter for the animals. They haven't had much occasion to use it to shelter from rain, but the shade that it provides has been quite welcomed.

We also had them sheared at the end of last month.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Wow, that's a fluffy sheep! I forget what they look like sometimes.

How are you guys anchoring the carport?

Also, any chance it was white muscle disease? Do you guys give selenium?