Monday, April 16, 2007

Christmas Tree Canyon

Last week we were invited to visit Christmas Tree Canyon in northern NM. The canyon is owned by our friend Beth's family. We stayed in a log cabin with a fireplace, which was a good thing because the temperatures were near freezing.

Here the kids are jumping off the beautiful spiral staircase.

The kids had a great time exploring on the first afternoon while it was still relatively warm. Emma was a great tour guide.

Warming up in the cabin and having fun together.

The second day was even colder than the first--sunny but windy and only about 30 degrees. The first thing we did was climb into the hay loft in the horse barn. Here they are looking down at the horses as they ate.

Then they got to play on Emma's great-grandpa's old fire engine. They climbed to the top and turned the camera on us. We were cold!!!

The tennis court was a relatively warm place to play.

Scotty found his favorite thing right away.

We escaped early the following morning to avoid being snowed in. There was already snow on the ground when we left, and it continued all day afterwards! The nice thing about leaving early though was that we had time to stop at the Santa Fe Children's museum, a favorite destination.

Fun with the pin board. Can you tell who's who?

For more of our adventure see Beth's blog here

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