Monday, April 16, 2007

Chicks for Easter

They didn't come out of the eggs colored pink or blue or green but we did indeed have five chicks hatch here on Easter Sunday! And the best part is that the mother hen did all the work. No electricity, no turning eggs, no cleaning cages. With the new lamb and the chicks our farm looks like an Easter greeting card!

Here is Eliza holding day-old "Big-Eyes Junior" who is named for our rooster Big-Eyes, whom we suspect to be the father.

This one they named Doo-Doo.

Mama hen "Small Eyes" in her nest box. She is being a great mom. The kids will give her bits of food or a worm and she will put it down near the chicks and cluck for them to come over.

Here are Junior and Doo-Doo at one week old.

Mama with her chicks.

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