Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The *real* first day of summer

Actually this year it coincidentally happened on the solstice--my first ripe tomato! This is a big deal for me, because I have become so spoiled by home grown tomatoes that I just don't eat fresh tomatoes for over half the year. I had my fresh mozzarella in the refrigerator and my basil in the herb garden and every day I went out and checked the status of this year's first tomato. It came a full three weeks earlier than last year because I made an impulse buy at Home Depot. Yes, I had several flats of heirloom tomatoes growing on the windowsills but when I saw that foot tall Early Girl hybrid tomato at the store with flowers already blooming I couldn't resist. I brought it home in April and planted it in my cold frame to see if I could get earlier tomatoes this year. It worked!

Do you see it peeking out among the broccoli and lettuce that I am growing for seed?

She's no heirloom, but I'll take her!!!



Alan Post said...


We're still a bit off from our first tomato. We installed our greenhouse late this year.

I've been enjoying hearing about everyone else's tomatoes however!

Anonymous said...

Jen, I have never been so excited to read about a tomato! And it looks so good sitting proudly on the plate in all its pristine plumpness. Ah, the joys of the simple things in life. A tomato.