Sunday, July 20, 2008

July storms

Nearly every day this month we have had clouds, thunderstorms, and either a bit or a lot of rain. It makes me laugh to imagine what a plant must think of living in this crazy climate! The dry, hot, cold, windy spring has given way to a humid, hot, cool, rainy summer. Some of my carrots and parsley, which are supposed to be biennials, have gone from seed to bolting in just 5 months! And the last three weeks of rain have caused an explosion in the fly population as well as a massive growth of weeds. But the crops seem to like it too, and I haven't used lip balm for a long time (a good thing too, since the last tube I had got used to decorate some of Eliza's plastic animals).

Anyhow, the monsoons bring some beautiful, cool evenings when the sun starts to peek back through as it sets.

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