Sunday, July 20, 2008

New baby girl

At the end of June we had a new calf born! She was born out on the pasture in the early afternoon and two hours later we had a huge storm come through and dump an inch of rain and hail on us. Since then we've been having rain nearly every day and the humidity has increased considerably.

Here she is, just hours old. Her name is Moxie.

Everyone in the herd was very curious, especially the boys. From left to right we have Tallulah, a red angus heifer who is visiting for stud service, Fin the mini jersey bull, Moxie and her mom Lola, who is a hereford, and New York, a holstein/jersey steer that belongs to a friend.

Here are the boys. I am completely in love with my bull Fin, who is snotty and grouchy but also really sweet and loving towards me. Chris often suggests that Fin and I "get a room" when I am out there loving on him. He's just jealous. Just look at Fin's scrunched-up mischievous nose! And NY is a sweetheart too.

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