Thursday, April 10, 2008

They are still coming to the farm!

I managed to snap a couple more photos at our last work day. We got the onion bed dug and prepped. This involved moving a bunch of sand out from the pond that we are digging in the front "yard" and digging it into the bed along with a generous helping of compost. That's the kind of job that is made so much easier with several hands.

Here is Sue removing Johnson grass and bind weed from my herb garden.

Alison is an intern who is working on the farm for credit in a college Biology class. She's giving the peas a drink.

We have really been so happy with how the community farm help has been going. We continue to be amazed that people actually come back! We do work them pretty hard but they seem to have a good time and we all enjoy spending the afternoon together talking about all manner of sustainability related things. We really do believe that strengthening our local community ties will become more and more important as we face great new challenges as a society.

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