Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Social Studies?

Last month Chris invited the kids to decorate the floor of his shop with clay paint, which would stick to the earthen floor before it was oiled. I was walking outside the shop and I heard Chris say "wait for it, wait for it......" and then a "ppffttthhhh" sound. Then a lot of giggling. Turns out they were having a little anthropology lesson, using a prehistoric technique to leave hand prints on the floor and walls.

First a mouthful of (non-toxic, totally natural) clay paint:

Mix with water:

And blow!

The kids both gave it a try.


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gail said...

Just loved this, Jenny. What fun for the kids as well as a work of art and memories.

I hadn't checked your blog in a while so it was fun to see what you all have been up to. Hello for Broc, Gail, Brenna and Logan!