Thursday, April 10, 2008

Livestock update

We have been feeding the animals in our large field garden that was used the last two years by a local CSA. This year we are taking it over and will grow chiles, sweet potatoes, corn, beans, and other row crops out there. The animals are fed just behind a fence, where they hang out and poop in between feedings. We have been moving the fence back down the field periodically to distribute the manure and uneaten hay across the whole thing.

Here they are getting their breakfast.

And just last week we had another lamb born! Look at the face on this one. So cute.

The sheep are definitely big woolly messes right now. They are scheduled for shearing at the end of the month.

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Anonymous said...

Another new lamb! Sweet. The produce looks wonderful. The weather people predicted a freeze last week. Was anything damaged?