Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sustainable foods at the BioPark

Last weekend Chris participated in a sustainable foods festival at the BioPark. He designed an exhibit about home aquaculture which featured live fish and some great information. The kids and I, along with Beth, Kevin, Emma, and Nina, all attended and ate great food. Then we wandered the aquarium and botanic gardens at night, which was a treat.

Here's Eli in the gift shop.

Our spread of delicious food.

The kids exploring the pond.

Here's Chris with his exhibit.

I love this photo of Emma.

The girls checking out the fish.

The little girls.

And the big girls.

And the other big girl making trouble.

And the boy.

The girls got to paint flower pots.

And goof off in the aquarium.

This is Terina's little boy Griffin. He's so big already!

Giddyup ant!

Night owls.

The evening ended with a bit of dancing. It was a lovely, warm summer night with good friends and good food. Who could ask for anything more?

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