Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ride for Hannah

There had been a bike ride for Hannah Jenner scheduled at this year's Live and Learn Conference but it was canceled due to logistical problems. Our tribe decided to have our own ride for Hannah, which benefits the Lance Armstrong Foundation, at our regular park day yesterday. We thought of Hannah and her family and all children who are affected by cancer. We thought about each other, our tribe-mates, our kids, our families. We enjoyed the day and felt how fortunate we were to be able to ride our bikes, trikes, scooters, rollerblades, heelies, or just walk around our favorite park on a day in late August just a few days before Hannah's birthday.

Beth did a wonderful blog post about the ride HERE.

Getting ready.

In this photo Crystal is taking a picture of me holding Hannah. Hannah rode around the park with us several times. I've been holding on to the part of Hannah that Diana shared with me last fall for nearly a year. I'm now ready to let her go and I'll do so on her birthday later this week.

This photo of Crystal on Sorscha's bike just cracks me up. I know what it's like to be all knees and elbows!

Sylvia volunteered to accompany Eliza on her trike.

Some chose a faster pace.

At the end of the day we decided to leave a little bit of Hannah at our favorite park. She will now be with us every week! Eliza chose to leave her Hannah blessing on the slide. Just as I leaned over to snap this photo, a cottonwood leaf fell next to Hannah's ashes at the base of the slide.

Thanks to Ben and Diana for inspiring us to ride for Hannah. It was truly a day to remember!


Madeline said...

You know, my favorite image of Hannah is from your funshop before the trip to the zoo in St. Louis. Where I was, by the door, I watched she and some girlfiends of hers all in the front watching your slides. The monitor light was hitting her and I remember thinking that she jsut glowed, that she was so beautiful and that the girls around her were in awe of her.

The bike ride at a play group is a great idea and I'm going to steal it!

Scotty said...

i was never able to meet Hannah. even still, she's right there with me where ever i find myself. and that's amazing. what a beautiful and remarkable little girl.

the reason i'm compelled to leave a message is that "my" cottonwood tree, the one i stood in awe of as a child (and still do)is a place i brought her ashes some time before i left the midwest. i saw your cottonwood leaf and just laughed :)

Schuyler said...

I left a comment at Beth's blog about the ride, but I hadn't seen the wonder in the cottonwood leaf. I think cottonwood trees are my favorite trees. As a child, the lake I swam in was shadowed by cottonwood trees. I love the idea of a cottonwood leaf dancing it's way into your Hannah celebration, or as taking on some mystical role in the wonderful affair.

I hope your drive is going well! And that you have found families lining your route to help you explore the U.S.