Saturday, September 02, 2006

Taking the new camera for a walk

This evening the kids and I took a walk down the driveway and in the yard to test out the new camera. Getting good photos around here proved to be a challenge because it's hard to miss the piles of construction materials still in the yard. It's also hard to photograph Nature Girl in her natural habitat without getting arrested! Here is the result of our first time out with the camera:

Eliza is holding her "Baby Condor", which is really a Kiwi but she insists it's a condor.

Here is my perennial herb garden near the end of its first year.

Here is Scotty's favorite chicken, an Ameracauna named Big Eyes.

One of our late-planted pumpkins with chickens nearby.

Setting off down the driveway from the house. Scotty rode his pedal tractor and Eliza pushed Baby Condor in the stroller in a nest she had made for it. Eliza was complying with my request to adjust her position a bit for the photo.

We have hundreds of plum trees lining the driveway.

Lots of snails too.

Some of the green ash trees are already starting to turn.

At the bottom of the driveway looking back at the house.

The cows.


Ethelwynne's Quest said...

AHHHHH, "Nature Girl"...Eliza reminds me soooo much of Sorscha. I'm a laughing right now because just tonight Sorscha fell asleep on the couch...8 3/4 and NAKED as always. Her dad picked her up to take her to bed and I needed to take the picture from behind him to also "strategically" get a shot that I would not be arrested for either!!! I will tell you that she pipped out, "Mom, I'm naked!" That's a sign that maybe...just maybe things are changing. But sorry to tell you...she's got about 5 1/2 years on Eliza. Be patient. heehee

Love the pics and can't wait to come down next week and see it all in person.

Amanda said...

My dd, Lucy and Eliza like to wear the same suit, LOL! Wouldn't we all like to have an all over tan like that? Your children are beautiful! Great photos, too!