Saturday, September 30, 2006

Grandma Grace

Today we had a wonderful day with friends out on a lake. We all laughed and played and enjoyed life. On the way home I got the call from my mom that my Grandma Grace died this afternoon. She passed away in her sleep at home--something for which we are very grateful. Grandma enjoyed life too and she brought so much joy to everyone who loved her. On a recent visit there was a moment when my brother was being silly and had worked both Grandma and Scotty into hysterics to the point of tears. The two of them were feeding off each other--it was really hilarious. Grandma knew how to laugh that's for sure.

Grandma had four children, twelve grandchildren, and twelve great grandchildren. (This is a picture of her with her 4 kids--my mom is first on her left.) She was very involved in all of our lives. She knew and loved every last one of her great grandchildren, even the youngest of all, my little 12 month old nephew. She loved and was loved by many children and grandchildren-in-law as well. We will all miss her so much.

She was witty and opinionated to the very end of her life of 95 years. Now none of us can play a game of "May I" and even dream of cheating because we know she's watching us!

If there is a heaven I hope there's a casino there. Have a good time, Grandma. We love you.

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Cheryl said...

Jenny, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope that she went peacefully, and that you will be comforted by the happy memories of the time you had together.