Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Scotty's latest creation

I'm trying to upload a video this time because a still photo just doesn't do it justice. Today Scotty wanted to make a single cylinder steam engine with an oiler box that automatically pumps oil to the engine--out of K'NEX. Our usual routine is that he has the design in his head but physically has trouble manipulating the pieces so I am in charge of executing his design. It can lead to some frustration on my part because I do not have the mind for engineering that he does so when he says "just put an eccentric in there" I have real trouble figuring out what he means. In every case, he has always been right on in terms of how the finished product will work. Today was no exception. And I doubted him! Sure enough, the main crank that he turns runs the main engine--that's the horizontal grey stick going through the "cylinder", which is made of yellow sticks. There is an eccentric that goes from the crank shaft to the piston. The oiler works by attaching another eccentric to the first one, but this one doesn't go all the way around, it just rocks back and forth, causing the vertical red stick to move just a bit up and down inside the vertical cylinder. I swear, this entire thing was designed in his head before we ever started. I am totally blown away.

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