Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale

This is Itsy, the larger of the two does. She is the mother of two bucklings and one doeling.

This is Bitsy. She is very small yet easily raised three kids.

The doeling in the foreground is out of Bitsy, and the one in the background is a real beauty out of Itsy.
Another doeling out of Bitsy.

Here's Itsy's beautiful girl. We call her Cloud.

This is Bitsy's buckling. He is a real character and definitely the most animated of the three.


yarrow said...

oh! i wish we were ready for goats. we're really not yet, though. they are so darling!

D. said...

YOU guys are totally living the lives we are dreaming of! We homeschool, raise chickens and Nigerians for milk but have a long way to go to be self sufficient and off the grid! thanks for the window into the possibilities!
WOW! I'm bookmarking you guys for future reference!
Deanna Baca

Anonymous said...

Dear Ironwood Farm. I live in Alb. with my 1yr. old boy. I'd like to do some volunteer farmwork (with him on my back) a couple of days a week.
Call me if your interested in having us. 294-5758
Jill and Narayan baby

Angela said...

They are so sweet! I added you to our "New Mexico Homesteaders" links. I'm trying to find as many homesteaders as I can so we can all connect.