Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is a boy who knows where his food comes from

We take animal slaughtering very seriously and the kids are on hand to help or watch if they so choose. So far Eliza has chosen to opt out, but Scotty has been a willing and thoughtful helper.

Here is our outdoor abattoir, or chicken slaughterhouse.

Scotty helps to bring in the chickens and keeps them calm

and he has begun to learn how to eviscerate them. Here he is working with Crystal, our most faithful helper on butchering day.


Anonymous said...

Scotty is a natural on the farm. He is growing up so fast! And where did you come from, consorting with all those bees?! You have courage I never have had and I never would have guessed you had when you were growing up. Snakes, sharks, bulls, bees . . . what's next? You never cease to amaze me!


Anonymous said...

So, did you sell the farm, did it burn down, did aliens land and plant their flag? Haven't seen any news here in a long time.

Crazy WIsdom Dairy said...

I LOVE what you are doing on your farm. Wish I could...maybe some day! We are in Peralta, but definately not "off the grid", yet!