Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New lambs!

Just yesterday we had some lambs born! The ewe that had them is our best mother and most prolific ewe. In fact, this time she had triplets but unfortunately one of them was stillborn. The two that survived are both little girls! The timing was pretty bad, because we are into quite a cold snap, with daytime highs below freezing and overnights in the single digits, but the girls survived their first night just fine and are doing well today. Scotty is quite taken with them so we got one out today for him to hold.

Scotty took this photo while I was holding her.


Scotty said...

I have a series of childhood memories that involve baby sheep, and the times up to and including their arrival, and their growing. i'd like to tell one of these stories... may i link to your story and photographs? (which are beautiful, by the way)

Jenny said...

Of course!

Scotty took the most beautiful of all I think.

Anonymous said...

Just too precious, Jen!


Danielle said...

Wow, everybody at your place has been busy lately—even the sheep!

They are sooo cute! I can't wait for lambs. We have a buck visiting now, so hopefully we'll have another goatie or two come spring. They're pretty darned cute, but I hate the disbudding.

Kevin said...

I can already taste the mint jelly...Yum!