Thursday, January 31, 2008

More lambs

Since the first twins were born on the 16th we've had three more lambs born. A single ram lamb came in the middle of the night on the 22nd when it was about 12 degrees outside, and another set of twin ewe lambs came yesterday morning at a cold 17 degree dawn. It's amazing how hardy the little things are, coming into a below freezing world, soaking wet. This most recent mom is not quite as attentive and she's more skittish than the others. Also, one of her twins is much bigger than the other and we're a bit worried about the smaller one getting enough milk. So far, so good though--they survived the night last night and it was windy and bitter cold--single digits.

Here are the new twins: one big and white and the other smaller and black.

The white one has the classic children's book lamb look.

Scotty continues to be thrilled with the lambs.

Here is the ram lamb, spotted with cute little white rings around his ankles. He's a week younger than his older cousins but the three of them have an absolute ball out there together. It is so amusing to watch them play.

Ever since the first set of twins were born, Scotty has been wanting to go out and hold the lambs every day. Now that we have the ram separated from the flock, he feels comfortable going out with the moms and babies by himself (in fact he's out there right now as I type--I can watch him through the front window). He is able to catch the babies on his own and spends up to an hour every day with them. This will be great for husbandry purposes because they will be much more accustomed to being caught and handled. Scotty feels proud to be able to help out with the management of the flock. You can see the pride in his face here as he holds one of the two-week-old twins.

Look closely at this photo--he's getting a lick on the chin!


nancy said...

absolutely awesome pictures! what cute little lambs!

Mik & Mac said...

awww, you've got a little zoo in the making! Andre would LOVE to see all the animals. Can't wait to see you guys in May!!

Teresa said...

Jenny, your photos are great! Maybe the chickens will get a break with Scotty being interested in the lambs?

Ren said...

Oh gosh....there is nothing more sweet and "aaaawwww" inspiring than a wee lamb. Precious.

FLO said...

I love this post- you're so inspiring. I'm sharing the Excellent blog award with you as thanks.