Sunday, December 09, 2007

A bit of winter

We had a light flurry a few weeks ago. It wasn't until Thanksgiving that it even started to get cold here. With our passive solar design we were still reaching 77F inside the house, and we even had to shut the shades a few times to keep from overheating. But now we have settled into a more average weather pattern. It's been freezing at night for some time now and lately the highs have been in the 40's and 50's. More clouds have meant not as much solar gain, which is hard on our PV system and keeps the house on the cool side. But we still haven't needed to light a fire in the woodstove yet (our only source of backup heat). We're hoping to make it till Christmas this year.

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Alan Post said...

wow! those photos are fantastic. i was away for thanksgiving and missed this snowstorm, but i checked the weather for abq and discovered it was in fact snowing.

your house temp is really amazing. our older and significantly *not* passive solar house has been pretty demanding.