Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My baby is four!

What happened?

What Eliza wanted most for her fourth birthday was a party at Chuck E Cheese's. So our Tribe came out to spend the afternoon with us, which was such a thrill for her. Chris even came along, and if you know him you know how far out of his element he is at a place like that, but he loves his little girl so! And my mom was able to stop by too since she works nearby. Thanks to everyone for making it such a special day for Eli. She was obviously a very happy girl:

And her parents were very happy for her:

It especially meant a lot to Eli to have her girl friends there with her. Here she is with Clare and Emma:

More and more, our tribe comes together for our kids. Here is much of the gang: Crystal, Sylvia, Teresa, Beth, Helene, and the back of Chris' head. This party was held on short notice, it was a bit of a drive for many, and it's not the most fun place for adults, but all these wonderful people turned out for our Eliza. We were so touched, but not surprised. For another great story of how these great homeschooling families support our kids see Sylvia's blog here.

Eli opened her gifts on the floor and had some help from Sophie. She was thrilled with all of them. Thanks to everyone!

A highlight for her was playing games with her Daddy.

And if the day wasn't magical enough, when we arrived home we discovered twin lambs born that same day! Two girls exactly four years younger than Eliza.

Happy birthday my precious girl. You are so loved.

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Teresa said...

Jenny, the party was fun! Clare had a really good time - it was well worth the drive. I'm glad Eliza had a fun birthday! Looking forward to seeing those new baby lambs.