Sunday, July 15, 2007

In answer to all your questions

I'm doing a new post to answer everyone's recent questions. Thanks to all of you for your comments!

homemoma: The tomatillo is related to the winter cherry (it's the same genus) but it's not the same thing. Tomatillos are used in Mexican cuisine for green salsas. Roast them and combine with garlic, peppers, onions, cilantro. Yum!

Alan: Yes, we seeded the onions inside in January. Two varieties--Valencia and Newburg. We planted them in the garden in mid-April. Also, thanks for your comments on vegetarianism. It has been an interesting journey for me.

Mike: The jury is still out on the tomato cages. So far it's working pretty well but there are some kinks to iron out. We cut the hog panels in half lengthwise both to save money and to be able to access the bottoms of the plants easily to weed, prune, and harvest fruit. But the cut ends are sharp so it requires extra caution when working in there. Also we didn't put them close together enough in some places so that is something to keep in mind--I'd say around 16-18" apart is ideal (depending on the plant--some of our varieties are much bushier than others).

As for the lettuce, it's a butter lettuce called Bronze Mignonette. I got the seed from Seeds of Change.

And Mik: Eliza is doing well! She's looking forward to her birthday on Tuesday. We're still waiting to see if she gets chicken pox but if not she would like to have a party at Chuck E Cheese's. I'll go snap a few photos of her now.

And here's the photo of the house from the driveway, as you requested. You can't see much through the weeds! Although I do want to point out that the sunflowers that grow as weeds here are selling well at the market!


Mik & Mac said...

thanks for the pics! Glad to hear Eliza is well and the house looks great! The mother of the child that I have been providing temporary daycare for has tons or raspberry bushes in her back yard. She will be pulling some up and selling those soon at the farmer's market. I'd send some to ya if I could!

Alan said...


yay! thank you!