Monday, June 18, 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

Not only is this the most ridiculous looking contraption I've ever seen, it's a sad sad statement about our society. I was about to write "our society's views on children" but then I realized that it's really a metaphor for how we treat each other at all ages. There is such a premium placed on individuality and detachment. Success is measured in one's ability to independently acquire as much material wealth as possible. The primary goal of parents is to raise their children with as little interruption of the pursuit of "success" as possible. Being needy, even as an infant, is considered a sign of weakness. Seeing all that plastic and nylon between the bodies of the mother and baby in this photo is heart wrenching. It looks like something out of some science fiction movie, where corporations and technology have inserted themselves into the most important of all human relationships.

In contrast, look at this photo of a mother and baby breastfeeding in a sling. Their bodies are pressed against each other in warmth and comfort. The carrier is soft fabric that embraces them both. It's peaceful and timeless. A fabric sling can easily be made at home for just a few dollars. The food and comfort that nursing provides are invaluable. Oh, and that doesn't cost anything either. No wonder we are encouraged by the corporations to abandon this image for the previous one. They don't make any money off of healthy relationships.

This is why our family has made the choice to live an alternative lifestyle. This is why! Thanks to Crystal for bringing this image to my attention. I needed a reminder.


Schuyler said...

I must admit, my first response to the top picture was laughing. It is so completely absurd. You are right, it is about the saddest image imaginable. Why on earth would you want to carry a baby that way? It's a baby, it should be close and in constant contact. Safe and sound. Breathing in against momma or dadda and all so cozy.

DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

Well, you warned me at parkday! BG. Were you there when I was trying to explain it to Susan? WOW, you are so right...a sad state of our society. I'm so thankful to my tribe because without ya'll I just might have ended up one of those 'plastic mama's'. Love ya!

green said...

I found your blog through the homesteader's webring and love it. The top picture here is just amazing to me. I guess some people will buy anything. lol