Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scotty's birthday party

Finally, here are some photos of Scotty's Mythbusters birthday party. They aren't nearly as good as Sylvia's blog photos or Kevin's video which can be found HERE (scroll down) but it's all I've got. The party was a big hit with all the guests and the birthday boy and we all had lots of fun. One of the things that the Mythbusters love is explosions and they have built several rockets and cannons on the show. To this end, Papa built Scotty a really cool potato cannon for the celebration.

Chris took all the kids next door on the trailer to get the cannon. Here they are arriving with it.

Beth made sure that I got a shot of her with "her cannon."

Everyone came out to watch the first shot.

The potatoes went several hundred feet down the field.

Shot directly into a piece of particle board they went right through!

In addition to the cannon, we also had homemade ballistics gel, Mentos and soda, attempts to break a wine glass with amplified voice, and a huge tub of corn starch and water. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of any of these because Eliza made off with my camera early in the day. Here are some of the shots that she got while hiding out with the camera with Emma and Clare.

The next day I found the camera and was able to snap Scotty playing with his gifts. He really enjoyed all the used machines and electronics that folks brought for him to take apart. He also really liked the microscope set. At the party, he and Dan spent quite a bit of time using the lab tools that came with the set to dye and cut apart bits of ballistics gel.

Chris also had a birthday the same day as Scotty. On the actual day of the birthday, I spent a good part of it at the doctor's office because of my kidney. I didn't really get to tell the guys just how happy I am that they were both born on May 23, exactly 30 years apart. Happy Birthday to my favorite boys!


Hops said...

hi there... we're doing a mythbuster birthday party for my 7, turning 8, year old, and we're trying to do the 'walk on water' myth. i had a few questions for you: what was the ratio of cornstarch to water you found successful? how did you mix the cornstarch and water?
thanks! marc

Jenny said...

Hi Marc,
If you haven't looked at the links to my friends' blogs then do so--I think there are some cornstarch photos there.

We used a 50lb bag of cornstarch and put it into a tub, then just added water a bit at a time with the hose. The kids mixed it themselves by hand, which was part of the fun! As it got to the right consistency we just slowed down how much water we added at a time until it was done. It was hard to get the last clumps of dry stuff from the bottom but also fun. Sorry I can't give you a more scientific answer! Good luck with your party--it was a blast for us. Be sure to do the Mentos and Coke!