Sunday, May 06, 2007

She needs me ever so slightly less

For the past 7 1/2 years I have been either pregnant, nursing, or both. There was a 2 month break from nursing between Scotty's weaning and Eliza's birth. Eli is now nearly four and, while still quite earnest about her need to nurse on occasion, is also finding other ways to get herself to sleep lately. A favorite is to have Daddy read books to her at night. (I'm amazed by this because my first born never fell asleep while being read to--something that one would assume all kids do if we were to believe the movies). Anyhow, this evening just a short time ago she happily fell asleep on her own while watching television. I was in the kitchen where she could see me through the pass-through and I watched her get more and more sleepy and not need me to help her do it. Oh, those little steps toward maturity are so bittersweet. It's really all about letting go, isn't it? And the moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for.


Anonymous said...

Letting go . . . you will find that this phrase becomes a mantra as you wend your way through life. Enjoy things most precious in the moment, as you did tonight.


DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

When I heard you talking at parkday I could hear the 'YES' with sadness behind it. Your baby's getting big. Believe me I know that feeling. It's sweeping by way too fast for my comfort. When Sorscha stopped nursing I cried and cried. I have a whole video where I'm crying into the camera. I'll watch it one day...I just can't right now. I feel for ya.