Thursday, May 03, 2007

Real time blogging

For once, I am posting something that is actually happening right now, rather than several weeks ago as is usually the case. Chris is out in the field collecting minnow eggs ('tis the season) and Eliza had a three hour nap today.

Inspired by the recent episode of Mythbusters where Adam tries to walk on water, Scotty really wanted to try mixing corn starch with water. So that is what is happening right now as I type. Each kid has a container full of thick paste which is either blue or green and they are now (since the photos were taken) sinking Eliza's collection of plastic animals in them.

And the coolest thing is that we just came up with the best birthday idea for Scotty! We think we might do a Mythbusters birthday and reproduce some of our favorite (safe) small scale myths, like the diet coke and Mentos, the big tub of cornstarch, and the Rube Goldberg contraption. Friends, what do you say? How fun is that? Now, to find some ballistics gel and 100 pound sacks of corn starch.


Anonymous said...

Jen, how interesting. I think the party idea sounds perfect. And who would think to use the dishwasher door as a science table! You! I love your out-of-the box thinking.


Jenny said...

We do lots of kid cooking on the open dishwasher door too--it's a great place for stirring batter. The enormous irony of it is that our dishwasher is not a real working dishwasher! We use it just for a drying rack so the best part about using the door (it washes itself when you are done) doesn't apply to us. It would sure be nice to just close the door and push a button right now.

Sylvia said...

count us in for Mythbusters party. you know, tho, there aren't many experiments too dangerous for Dan!

beth1813 said...

I volunteer Emma to try and break a wine glass using only her voice, and I volunteer Kevin as the crash test dummy!! This will be fun!