Sunday, November 05, 2006

Quick trip to CO

We decided to make a quick trip to visit Chris' grandparents last week. The morning after Halloween we headed out in a rented minivan to visit Grandma Jean first and then Pa. We had a fun morning with Grandma and then a delicious lunch at Aunt Robbin's restaurant. If anyone reading this is ever in Pueblo, CO you must eat at The Hen House in Pueblo West. It's delicious home cooked food.

Here are the kids having fun with Grandma.

After lunch we continued on to Denver to visit Pa. On the way we stopped at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry
which is a place that we visited with Scotty frequently when he was younger but haven't been to in a while.

This sign greets you as you enter the driveway. I took this for you, Crystal!

This was the first snow the kids have seen this season. They were VERY excited about it!

Scotty got to see the big Corliss engine run on electric power. It only runs at a tenth of its working potential and it's not on steam power but it's still really impressive to see that huge flywheel turn.

They also had a mine exhibit and some smaller engines. Scotty chatted with the docent about engines and she invited him to come to the model steam engine show they will be having in June. He was thrilled with the whole place.

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of our visit with Pa. It was short but sweet and we really enjoyed seeing him. Friday we left Denver early for the 7 hour drive home. On the way we stopped at a beautiful open space area for more snow play.


Ethelwynne's Quest ~Crystal~ said...

Ahhhh, you know how 'Quirky' signs and things make me happy. I love it! heehee

julie said...

looks like a wonderful time!
I love the odd things you find whne traveling, it's one of the best parts!