Sunday, November 05, 2006

Our Halloween

This year was great fun. After much deliberation and negotiation with Scotty over his costume (he originally wanted a highly mechanized helicopter with lots of motors, belts, and switches which were simply beyond my capabilities and our time available) he finally got the idea to use a box and his pedal race car to make himself into a car for halloween. We painted windows and other details onto a box and mounted it atop his pedal car. Here he is painting the box (with my help).

He was thrilled and proud to wear his costume to our weekly homeschool park day, where several kids and some moms came in costume.

Here he is riding towards the park in costume:

Eliza, already a little bird most days, simply wanted some feathers to complete her look. This I easily achieved with two feather boas purchased for half price at the fabric store and an old shirt. Here she is at the park:

Here's one of our tribe, Beth, involved in a serious conversation:

On Halloween night several of us from the homeschooling group met at Susan's house to go trick or treating in her neighborhood. After a mishap that involved me locking the keys AND Scotty's costume in the car was resolved, the kids headed out with Sylvia and Gary and Chris and Dan. I stayed behind to answer Susan's door since everyone else was also already out and about. Here they are ready to go:

Scotty ready for action. Note the real working headlights and the candy bucket attached to the front.

Eliza was very pleased with her stash. Apparently she had a great time too. Reports are that she started just walking in to people's houses when they answered the door! Sylvia said that it was a good thing that there were three adults because my two kids required them. Scotty needed the help of both Gary and Chris to get up and down curbs and Sylvia had to keep a close eye on Eliza as she "flew" into homes.

Andy, Dan, Scotty and Spencer trading candy and hamming it up for the camera.

After trick or treating we paid a visit to Nonna so she could see their costumes and offer a treat. The kids stayed with her for a bit while Chris and I went to pick up a minvan that we rented for our short trip to Colorado, which was to begin bright and early the next morning.

The kids love it when Nonna reads to them (but neither Nonna nor Scotty like having their picture taken).

Pooped out Little Bird after a great evening. It's a good thing too, because Mommy Bird needs to pack!

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