Monday, October 09, 2006

More canning

Crystal and her family came over one day a few weeks ago to help can tomatoes. Well she helped with the tomatoes and the guys and the kids went frolicking on the river (see photos at Crystal's blog HERE).

Trying to get a shot of the two of us and the tomatoes

Crystal learning to can!

We made a total of 8 quarts of tomatoes

Later I made some more apricot jam and some apple pie filling.

I just love the way the pantry is looking lately!


Ethelwynne's Quest ~Crystal~ said...

Now there is PROOF! YEA!!! I actually canned. Thanks so much for helping me. I am up for helping anytime. The apples look delicious. I froze I'm kind of bummed. Love the shelf too. It looks so you. ~Crystal~

Danielle said...

Wow, totally jealous. My freezer looks pretty good, but no canning this year.

Do you have a pressure canner--didn't look like it from the pictures, but it's hard to tell.

Jenny said...

I do have a pressure canner but haven't tested it yet this season (and I'm not exactly sure where it is after the move) so I haven't been using it. It would be nice to have for the tomatoes though because with the canner it only takes about 20 minutes but in the water bath it takes an hour for the quarts.