Monday, October 09, 2006

Goings on about the farm

Harvest time has been interesting around here. We have had some new additions to the animal family! We acquired three new sheep from the zoo last week and this morning a calf was born! We have been preparing the fields and gardens for fall planting of cover crops. We will be seeding in a cool weather blend of hairy vetch and winter rye in the corn field and the vegetable plots. We've also been preparing the cold frame for spinach and lettuce. I have ordered some garlic for planting around the young pears we transplanted from the old house and I couldn't resist some dutch iris bulbs although I don't know where I'll put them yet. Our hens are starting to lay too so we have been enjoying some delicious fresh eggs. We've had another rainy spell with a couple of inches over the last two days. It's muddy and soggy! We are now preparing for our CSA's harvest festival which will be held here in a couple of weeks.

We don't get much orange and red fall color here but the yellow is glorious

The new sheep

Chris tilling the corn field at twilight while the kids and I have a fire

This morning's calf, just hours old.


Ethelwynne's Quest ~Crystal~ said...

We want to come over. Sorscha would love to see the calf! Even if just Sorscha & me for a couple of hours. Great pics! ~Crystal~

Ethelwynne's Quest ~Crystal~ said...

YEA!!! I can finally comment on your blog because you upgraded to Blogger! WHoooo Hoooo!!! ~Crystal~

Danielle said...

Ooooh, fresh milk! Mmmmmmmm!

Wow! The front looks so open with all the corn gone!