Friday, July 28, 2006


(This one's for you Danielle)

Rainfall Sept. '05 to June '06: less than .2 inches (that's POINT 2 inches)

Rainfall 1st half of July: 2.5 inches

Rainfall today: 1.75 inches (and counting)

Wow! We actually have a 2 foot deep pond in the sand pit just from today's rain.

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Danielle said...

Wow! And I remember what that water looks like falling out of the sky and filling those arroyos in a flash.

Glad you're getting some rain! We've been really lucky this summer, and to answer your earlier question, no I don't irrigate.

This spring I'd water the seeds until the popped, but then there was no more supplemental water.

We're hoping to build a gravity fed water collection system off the barn. Well, two actually, one of which will hopefully be haulable with the tractor. It's amazing how quickly the rainbarrels fill with just one rain!