Monday, July 17, 2006

My daughter

Today we celebrated the third anniversary of Eliza's birth. She was born at home in a pool of warm water surrounded by family and friends. It was an incredible day when we met our little girl and Scotty became a big brother. My favorite memories about her birth are finding out she was a girl, then calling my mom to tell her the news, and then eating the best cheese enchiladas I have ever had in my life.


Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Eliza!

What an amazing photo!

Madeline said...

You had a water birth and live in a straw bale house! Two of my dreams, that probably won't be realized this lifetime (ended up with 2 c-sections and live where it's too humid for straw bales), but you sure are cool! I love your blog. I saw you at the unschooling conference at your slide show but never got to speak to you.

Your chickens are beautiful. Ours can't completely roam freely due to the certification laws for organic farmers. they have lots of room but I do wish they could be truly free-range. The price we pay for making a living farming (still hooked into the govt. for now).

Jenny said...

Hi Madeline--Danielle told me I need to meet you. Are you coming to the conference?

Hey, don't let go of those dreams. I'm sure you know it's possible to have a home birth after cesarean, but you may not know that it's also possible to build with strawbale in humid climates. If you want more info, let me know and I can get it for you. You might try a small outbuilding just to see how you like it. The key is in the details--good foundation plans and good overhangs. And earthen plasters are great because they let the walls "breathe".

The chickens are an experiment right now. I just discovered that they are eating my tomatoes so I had to fence them out of the garden. And there's no telling whether we'll ever get them to lay in their nesting box. We'll see!

Second Body said...

Hi Jenny - not sure if you would remember me, I'm Sara, Chris's mom's friend from Heritage and former employee with Steve P. working on the fishies.

We've been in Atlanta for a year and Marilyn sent me the link to your blog a few weeks ago. Just dropping you a line to say hi! I have a blog too on livejournal which is mostly friends-only (you have to have an lj account to view locked posts). Anyway, the site is

Oh - and happy birthday to Eliza!

Jenny said...

Hi Sara. Sara G, right? Yes I remember you. You have that beautiful little girl, S.R.

Wow, your blog is great! I have strayed from the academic world (happily) but it's still fun to read about it. Thanks for checking in here with us!

Second Body said...

Yep, it's me. Sorry to be "obscure" but I don't link my online "persona" with my IRL person.

Email me at river2sea72 at gmail dot com and I'll send you a link to our photos.